Friday is Guitar Day

Epiphone Les Paul CustomSecretly, I know you all love my guitar playing and delusions of song writing. I know it! Nothing you say, no matter how vulgar, can dissuade me. Hence, more guitar songs from me! Now with some poorly-played keyboards as well, because I am growing as an artist.



The usual disclaimer: 1. I admit these are not great music; 2. I claim copyright anyway, so there; 3. No, I cannot do anything about the general quality of the mix, as I am incompetent.


  1. Sarah W

    I can almost hear words to the last two — especially 418. . .

    Do they have any?

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Sarah: Nope. I just like to play, I don’t write any lyrics or anything like that. And lord knows no one wants me to sing. No one.

  3. Harley

    Jeff, I really do like your guitar music. I have the utmost respect for people who write their own songs. Really. My family is crazy (the sentence could stop there, but I’ll go on) talented in the musical department.

    My brother recently recorded a song ON AN IPHONE APP. He recorded four different instruments: his electric guitar, his bass guitar, a stand-up bass, a mandolin, his daughter’s toy xylophone, and played them all at the same time.

    Keep playing, Jeff. I like it.

  4. jsomers (Post author)

    Harley: Shucks, thanks! Don’t worry. My ego demands I keep playing and posting these ridiculous songs. IN my mind, I’m a rock star, and you’re all just too polite to admit it.

    My wife has an iPad and I have to say, Garage Band is pretty amazing. I can totally see banging out a song on one.

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