CHUM’s Cover

Designed by Frank Rivera

Chum by Jeff Somers

Here’s the Fab cover for my next novel, Chum, due out from Tyrus books on 9/18/13. Chum is a darkly comic novel about marriage, mayhem, and murder, told from multiple points of view and revisiting events from different POVs throughout the book.

When I first saw the cover I wasn’t sure what I thought, frankly – it seemed very stark and the roughness of the art on the bottles threw me. But then I got it, and realize how great this cover is.

It’s stark so it stand out as a thumbnail when people are scrolling on web sites or their phones.

It’s rough because the story is rough. The characters have jagged edges. The language is, er, salty (would you expect anything else from me?). There are literally – literally – no good people in the whole story. One or two people think they’re good, but they … aren’t.

And the off-center “U” in CHUM? Genius. It’s drunken and unpredictable.

So, my gratitude and respect to Frank Rivera who created this cover, and to Tyrus Books, for packaging my work so well. We’re gonna be good friends, I think.


And, without further comment:

Chum by Jeff Somers


  1. JoJoTheModern

    Hm, yeah, I like the cover. It stands out.

    Also,the cover for Lifers is stark as well. If your non-speculative novels have the visual theme of “black-and-white and simple shapes”, they will be easy to identify on a webpage or bookstore shelf.

  2. Jason

    Looking forward to it. When the Kindle version is up for pre-order please let us know.
    For some reason I’m thinking an older “Lifers” and that would be cool because I really liked that one.

  3. Diana

    The cover is so striking!! Actually my first thought was “whimsical” but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be a whimsical tale at all. Really looking forward to reading it. Congrats again.

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