Sliders: Blood & Splendor, 18 Years Gone

It's real. And it's SPECTACULAR.

It’s real. And it’s SPECTACULAR.

SO, where were you in 1996? I was living in Jersey City, and a few years away from publishing my first novel. My friend and former room-mate Jeof Vita was also in Jersey City, working at Acclaim Comics. It was a primitive time, offering dial-up Internet connections and no such thing as Netflix or HBO GO, and you had to take the science fiction TV series that you got. What we got was Sliders, a show about alternate earth’s and the madcap group of misfits who got trapped into ‘sliding’ between them and having adventures as they struggled to find Earth Prime.

Acclaim Comics had the comic license for the series and was publishing “lost episode” comics, which were supposedly scripts from the show that were too ambitious or expensive to produce. They came up one short, so Jeof suggested we gin up a concept and sell it. And we did! So we wrote the script for what became Sliders: Blood & Splendor which published in January 1997. I got $1600 for it. I spent it all almost immediately on liquor and colourful outfits.

The other day I was thinking about this experience and I imagined an alternate world where Jeof and I became famous because of this comic book. An alternate world where I didn’t have to spend the next decades dancing in clubs for sweaty dollar bills, where Jeof didn’t have to scratch out a living as a rodeo clown. A world that saw our genius and celebrated Blood & Splendor as the work of genius it … well, wasn’t, but could have been if Jeof and I had spent more than a few hours writing it in-between playing video games and ordering take out.

So, I did what anyone would have: I made a documentary about an alternate earth where Sliders: Blood and Splendor was a sort of pop cultural event on par with Thriller. And I got a bunch of people to help me with it, including Jeof Vita himself. And it is hilarious. And you should watch it immediately.

#gettheblood Videos

As many of you know, I started a little #gettheblood hashtag recently as part of my increasingly desperate efforts to get everyone in the world to buy a copy of my upcoming novels Fixer and We Are Not Good People. I wrote some essays about scars I’ve gotten, since scars factor in the books, and people sent me some of their own scar stories.

I totally encourage this — email your scar stories to me and I’ll do something with them. Recently I’ve made two videos based on the scar stories folks have sent me. First up was Kent Bunn:

And today I posted a new one inspired by a story told by Matt Handle:

Got a scar story to share? Send it on and we’ll do something creative with it.

Ask Jeff Anything Open for Business

As most of you may recall, a few years ago I challenged everyone to ask me anything and I’d make a video response. Over the years I’ve had a lot of fun with that, but the last one I made was about a year ago. What can I say? It was a busy year and I am pretty much incompetent. I let it slide. That’s what lazy incompetent dudes, do, after all. Here’s a collection of previous Ask Jeff Anythings.

But, things have calmed down for the moment, so I’m ready to get back in the Ask Jeff Anything swing. So this is an open invitation/reminder. Ask me about my books, my writing, my personal hygiene, my cats (you know you want to), my childhood, my dangerous drinking binges, my hatred of pants, my theories on life, baseball, and rye whiskey, my upcoming projects, my obsessive and disturbing cleaning, my zine The Inner Swine, other people I know, other people I don’t know, celebrity culture, movies, other writers, book trailers, Godzilla, the Eurozone, the Many Worlds Theory, the Higgs Boson, Linux, guitars, music, Don Camillo, the infield fly rule, how to play an F Chord, blogging, growing up in Jersey City, marriage, writing, the correct way to drink whiskey, exactly what chord is played at the beginning of A Hard Days Night, college life, Miller’s Crossing and whether it is the greatest movie ever made (it is), the terrible television my wife makes me watch, the 1978 Chevrolet Nova’s charms and deficiencies, whether Liam Neeson will make a good Matt Scudder in the upcoming film, Downton Abbey, whether Breaking Bad or The Wire is the greatest television show in history, guitar solos, kittens, how to clean your house, the decline of the Roman Empire, the Fall of the House of Usher, whether or not there’s a bottle of red wine I won’t drink (there probably isn’t but research continues), my published short stories, or, you know, anything else.

So go on and email me a question or leave on in the comments and I will start making these sad, ridiculous videos again. Sure to disappoint, confuse, and irritate.