Busy Weekend

Jeesh. I am right now as I type this sitting in an Au Bon Pain in New Brunswick, on College Avenue. Where I attended college, actually, though my memories of this period of my life, as with any period of my life, are vague. I wandered about a bit thinking, ah, yes, I have stood in this spot before, but that’s about as far as my creaking old brain goes. College Years Jeff might as well be some other person.

IN fact, this Au Bon Pain wasn’t here when I attended school. I am outraged that the universe evolves without my direct participation.

I’m here because The Duchess is running a half marathon. Yesterday, we got up early and drove down here to pick up her bib, and it was frustrating because there were absolutely no signs anywhere telling you where to go, and my memories of Busch Campus are as vague as my memories of everything else, resulting in us driving around for a while while I frowned and mumbled things like “Ah, I think I went to a party in those apartments once …”

For the record, The Duchess does not care where I went to a party once.

So, we ran late in getting the race bib, and then had to race into Manhattan to participate in “The Future: What Does It Mean” event sponsored by Asis&t Metro. Fellow author David Louis Edelman and I had been tapped as Science Fiction authors to declaim on our vision of the future and information technology and such. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed David’s presentation and the conversation that ensued, despite arriving in a flurry of harried incompetence, having forgotten all my notes, books, and other items in my rush to get there on time.

David Louis Edelman impressed me, and I’m really looking forward to reading his books, and so should you. For serious.

Then, The Duchess and I had to rush back to Jersey to attend a dinner that had been in the works for a few weeks which we also barely managed to make on time. And then, drunk and full, I went home and to bed. Which means subjectively, yesterday took about three minutes to elapse.

And now I’m back in New Brunswick, having dropped The Duchess off, sitting in Au Bon Pain waiting for her to finish the race. This weekend didn’t even happen, from my point of view.


  1. Emily

    Hello Jeff! Despite the “flurry of harried incompetence” I really enjoyed your contribution to the ASIS&T conversation yesterday. It was nice to hear a sane perspective on technology and the future. Also, your books are now on my “to read” list (which is ridiculously long, but one of these days…).



  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Hi Emily,

    Thanks for the note! I’m glad you found my talk interesting. Once I start talking, I lose track of whether I’m making any sense!

    If you do get around to reading the books, I’d love to hear what you think of them!


  3. David Louis Edelman

    Hey Jeff — Thanks for the pleasant lies about finding my portion of the talk interesting. 🙂 As for your self-professed incompetence… hey, I’d love to speak so coherently and thoughtfully when I’m incompetent. Looking forward to picking up the Avery Cates books!

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