BoucherCon Final Thoughts

Whew, am back in Jersey with the cats, exhausted. Here’s a few final thoughts on BoucherCon:

Fave moment: Running into Janet My Agent in the lobby, sitting down to have a drink with her, and ending up part of a 20-author/agent/editor strong group of boozers having endless conversation.

Second-fave moment: Dan Krokos, who you will hear from soon, walking into my panel, taking a shot of whiskey, and shaking my hand, in that order.

Third-fave: Yrsa Sigurðardóttir inviting me to look her up when I’m in Iceland.

Overall, a great time.

Here’s the Questions section of my 30-on-30 panel, if you’re interested:


  1. Andrew Spong

    Great shares, and an interesting convo in the 30-30. Thank you, Jeff & The Duchess

    I would have gone out and immediately bought all of Dan Krokos’s books if he had walked into your panel, grabbed the bottle, turned on his heel, and walked out. 😀

    BTW: you should buy StarCops right now. It only ran to one season, hence a low time investment. Dialogue-driven goodness from Chris Boucher, the guy who gave Blake’s 7 its grit.

  2. Dan Krokos

    One of my favorite moments, too, Jeff. I feel there was no other way to meet you/shake your hand than to do it with booze fumes burning my eyes.

    And Andrew, I would only take Jeff’s whisky if he didn’t know about it. The man is dangerous.

  3. Elisabeth Black

    Cool Q&A. I was pronouncing it Boo-sher-con all this time.

    I’m still reading The Terminal State. Have I mentioned I’m a fan? Big, big fan.

  4. Patty Blount


    I wish I could have seen this. Also a big, big fan… 🙂

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