Books Giveaway Contest

It’s been a while since I gave away some signed books, but thanks to our friends across the pond, that time has come again. The UK side of my publisher has just sent me a packets of the UK mass market editions of The Digital Plague and The Eternal Prison. The differences between the US and the UK editions are subtle, but if you’re a collector it’s always nice to have every version, so I’ll give away 5 pairs (one of each) to five people. There are two ways you can get yourself a signed, personalized set:

1. Send me a screenshot via email (to of the winning screen from the Text Adventure I set up over at And yes, you can win the game.

2. Send me an email (again, to telling me where the phrase “In me the wonders of my hand like Lazarus” appears in the Avery Cates books.

That’s it. Note I am only accepting entries via email; any answers posted in the comments or my Facebook wall or whatever will be deleted to keep some semblance of order here. What we need is more order. Have at it, and good luck!


  1. Smedley

    I’d love to have a signed copy, but I can’t play that game because of windows 7 cock blocking the fun. I’m reminded of the hulk game that started out with /shake chair.

    Anyhow I am a bit sadded to know that I will not get to experience the joy of having someone ink all over a perfectly good readable copy of a book I slightly enjoyed.

    No disrespect to you Jeff, but my love falls with the electric church and digital plague.

    Anyhow maybe its not the best idea to post while drinking happiness amounts of tequila while popping pain killers for a broken ankle.

    looking forward to forth book.


  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Smedley, does Windows7 block the Java code? That’s strange; my wife has Windows7 and she can play the game just fine. Be happy to try and help you get in there if you really want to play – there’s also an interpreter you can install that will play the game file, which I’d be happy to send your way.


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