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Almost forgot to mention: I was flatteringly asked to participate in an Author Panel over at Book Geeks. How in the world I’m considered relevant enough to be included is anyone’s guess, but I really enjoyed the discussion topic, really like the general concept (much better than your typical static interview), and really like how it turned out, but content-wise and aesthetically. Check it out!



  1. Dave

    Very interesting peace, thanks for the link. I very strongly agree with your opinions on not putting characters blatantly on the cover art. The reason i often dont go to book turned movies is because it will ruin the picture i have of the character.


  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Hey Dave,

    I share your apprehension about books into movies–and I feel that way whether I’ve read the book or not. I do end up seeing most movies made from books despite the fact that I will then have some actor’s face in my mind as I read, but that’s because I am a weak, weak man.


  3. Dave

    That being said, i’d see an Electric Church/Digital Plague movie 😉


  4. jsomers (Post author)

    As long as it doesn’t end up on the Sci-Fi Channel.


  5. Dave

    Not to stray off topic (too late..), but i couldn’t find an email for you; Any thoughts on movies/comics/graphic novels? I have to admit, i had the whole book pictured in my head as a comic..If only i could draw…


  6. Dave

    Movies/comics etc for The Electric church that is..

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