Best Bad Review This Year

The Digital Plague got reviewed by the glorious Zine World, and Henry S. Kivett didn’t seem to like it, though I had to read between the lines to get that. The bad review is worth it, however, for this glorious summation:

“Somers’ fatal mistake is that he kills off the only likeable character on page 29, leaving us to follow a jackass and his cohorts through a wasteland. . .”

And thus we have the title for Avery Cates #4, don’t we? A JACKASS AND HIS COHORTS coming to you in 2010!


  1. Craig

    Did you note the reviewer’s little joke: “fatal mistake”… “killed off.” Now THAT is good writing.

  2. Damaso

    I guess you’ll have to send the monkeys after him. BTW, where is the St. Paddy’s video? We await your pantless antics…

  3. jsomers

    My goodness Craig if we start poitning out things like that my glass house is going to shatter around me.

  4. jsomers

    Never! That footage has been deleted and the flash drive shredded. You’re going to have to rely on the inevitable Internet reenactments.

  5. Lunch

    I would buy a book with that name very, very quickly.

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