Well lookie here: My publisher has a nifty little post up about the mass market covers they’ve designed for the re-releases of The Electric Church, The Digital Plague, and The Eternal Prison, as well as the debut of #4 in the Avery Cates series The Terminal State. Lauren Panepinto rocks; I love the work she’s doing with these, and I love the fact that Orbit posts stuff like this, giving a glimpse into the process. Rock on.


  1. jeff h

    So does this mean no trade paperback for Terminal State? I hope not.

  2. Billy Brown

    Nice, they have a “70’s pulp” aesthetic that I dig. Are you sticking with Jae Lee for the trade paperback covers? His covers have a nice distopic look that really compliments the series’ mood.

  3. jsomers (Post author)

    Well, folks, sorry to say there won’t be a trade paperback for The Terminal State. We’re going straight to mass market with the final 2 books. There’s a lot of reasons behind this decision, most of which are boring, and while I was kind of sad at first not to get a Lee cover for #4 and #5, I have to say the MM covers are so frickin’ kick-ass I don’t mind any more.


  4. jayf

    the mass market cover for Cates #4 looks sweet. i feel for you, as the jaelee covers were also terrific, the mm covers have their own unique aesthetic which works as well.

  5. jsomers (Post author)

    Hi jay – I agree. The Lee covs were amazing, these are extremely cool, it’s win-win.

  6. Damaso

    That cover is rockin! What’s NOT rockin’ is that we have to wait like ten months for it…

    I want it now! Or at least some short stories to tide me over! And scotch while you’re at it!

  7. lisastepp

    i’m so sad! now my books are not going to match!

  8. Lunch

    Well Lisa, all that means is that we’ve all gotta buy all the new versions!

  9. Nick Cato

    Ditto what lisastepp said! I wonder if the scifi book club will have exclusive trades? Any word?

  10. jsomers (Post author)

    Hey Nick, I haven’t heard anything about that, but anything’s possible. If I hear, I’ll pass the word.


  11. Kr0n1c65

    Just have to say these are the best books I have ever read, the concept is amazing and each story just flows, bit gutted that we won’t be getting the Lee covs but hell I can’t wait for terminal state either way!

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