Back from WFC

Well, for a few brief, happy hours I was out and about in Saratoga, meeting and greeting, breathing the sweet air of freedom, at least until my Corporate Masters blew a dart into my neck, wrapped me up in a duffel bag, and smuggled out the back into the waiting van to return me to my hotel room where I must continue blogging and working on Cates book #3.

World Fantasy Con was a really fun time, despite my sweaty social awkwardness and tendency to wake up with entire bottles of scotch embedded in my head. Here are some highlights:

  • Meeting the fantabulous Lili Saintcrow for the first time, along with her charming assistant Gates. Lili is a force of nature and actually breaking bread with her was a delight.
  • Running into Nick Mamatas in the lobby and actually being able to invite him to a party. I’ve always wanted to be the cool guy who invites people to parties, and I finally got to do it. Though I lost points by then not being able to recall even the simplest details of the party, like the address or the time. But Nick found it anyway so all was good.
  • Being bought lots of drinks by the Orbit folks, who are Good People.
  • Running into Carl Moore (who shared the pages of Danger City with me and was most recently pubbed inThuglit #20) though I only got to pass a few pleasantries before we were torn asunder.

All in all, a fantabulous weekend, most of which I cannot remember because of the aforementioned drinks bought by my publisher, who seemed to want me to be drunk and thus pliable most of the time.

If you were there and I missed you, I’m sorry! Next time, friends.


  1. Jennifer Rardin

    Hi Jeff,
    Just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you and your charming wife at WFC. All I hear about The Electric Church is good, so I’m looking forward to reading it.

    Best wishes!

  2. jsomers (Post author)


    It was wonderful to meet you as well! I was just gearing up for a little good-to-meet-you email as I saw this. I’ll send it anyway, but thanks for stopping by.

    Sorry I didn’t get to speak with you much. I bring the wife because she is my more charming and less-awkward half! She really liked you, and yours was one of a very few books she picked out to steal from me from this weekend, so you should be impressed with yourself. I’m not kidding–my wife’s picky about books, and she wouldn’t pick yours up just because she liked chatting with you, so you’re doing something right!

    Everyone else, check out Jennifer’s books! GO!

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