Avery Art

Reader Keith Puryear sent us this:

That's Mr. Badass to you.

Yup, that’s an artist’s representation of Avery. I’m always amazed when people decide to visualize him. It’s damn cool. Thanks to Keith for letting me post it!


  1. Shayral

    I always figured him to have a square jawline. Nonetheless, nice drawing.

  2. Elisabeth Black

    Nice! But that’s NOT Avery Cates. (just kidding – it’s not MY Avery Cates)

  3. Joel

    I never pictured him wearing corrective shoes…

  4. Keith Puryear

    Now, keep in mind, this is Eternal Prison Avery. After being beaten, infected, and imprisoned. I do imagine him much younger at the start of The Electric Church. Is it wrong that I imagine Kev to be a kind of cross between Rick Ocasek and Marily Manson?

  5. Just Ami

    Very awesome work, Keith!

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