Ask Jeff Anything 7-26-11

More than a year after I started doing these ridiculous videos, the questions keep coming in. Because the public wants to know. They want to know what kind of Scotch I drink (expensive if you’re buying), what I think about character development (deprecated), and … pants (definitely deprecated):

We now return you to our regularly scheduled complaining and lazy attempts at wit.



  1. Harley

    The pants told me this vlog was up.

  2. J

    Just finished book 5. Thank you for a brilliant finish to an already amazing series. Very impressed!

    I’m curious, do you have any plans for an omnibus-type release with all 5 books?

  3. Melanie Meadors

    Jeff, do you have anything to do with my son’s sudden resistance to wearing pants? Heh, I can’t help but think of you when I say to him, “Buddy, time to get dressed,” and he replies with anything from, “I don’t want to wear pants,” to a full blown temper tantrum. I asked him why, and he basically told me in 9 year old PDD speech, “I don’t like to be restricted by my pants.”

    I do have to thank you for lending an air of comedy to what might be yet another source of stress for this mom of an autistic child… 🙂

  4. jsomers (Post author)

    TheJesseofDoom: Glad you enjoyed it! Right now no plans for an omnibus, but you never know. If it comes to pass, I’ll alert the world, don’t worry.

  5. jsomers (Post author)

    Melanie: I cannot be held responsible for what impresionable youth pick up from my rants. But I will say that the idea of pantslessness is out there, growing. I daresay someday it’ll be the norm, just like Casual Fridays.

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