Ask Jeff Anything 7-16-12

After a few months where no one evinced any curiosity about my opinions and feelings and I was very sad, we are back with a brand new Ask Jeff Anything:

Note: The word “jiggy” is used in this video. I am sorry.


  1. Patty Blount

    You kill me 🙂

    First, I admit I loved the 50 Shades of Grey books, but that’s because I read them in their original fan fiction version first (I have lower expectations for fanfic than I do for books I pay for). I liked the twist on the beauty & the beast theme and hell, I AM a girl so yeah, the sex scenes were *coughs* fun. (READING THEM, not trying them. Jeez.)

    Second, I hope you’ll NEVER change Cates to fit some romance formula…. I’ve told you this before: he IS a romantic figure, at least for me. I wouldn’t have picked up a Cates novel if I hadn’t first met you on Twitter because they’re NOT romances. But I’m glad I did because I discovered I have a thing for tougher-than-nails assassins who try to protect people they’re not paid to kill. You may not have intended this, but I I found something romantic in Cates…so much so that I had dreams about him. I wanted desperately to be the one…and I mean, The One he trusts.

    Then again, I’d probably be dead, so I may have to rethink this particular fantasy. 🙂

    Can we see a Jeff Video where you actually do ‘get jiggy’??

  2. Jayf

    You are down right JIGGY even if you try not to be. You can’t help it. I too resist until the last when something becomes the “it” book, sometimes I eventually break down, but I have plenty of other books to ready before I go 50 shades of desperate.

    Hope to hear about some new projects in the pipeline from you…keep a brother posted!


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