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Yup, it’s that time again! This time, the question has to do with the creative names SF/F writers come up with for their characters, which reader Erik Jodko describes as “batshit insane”:

Bork! Bork!


  1. Sarah W

    I obviously haven’t commented for a while — I like what you’ve done with the site!

    I’m just grateful that the apostrophe-heavy trend in SFF character names finally seems to be subsiding. Thanks to The Gods Must be Crazy, my brain translates them into glottal stops, and it’s difficult to read with all that mental popcorn going on.

    Most of the character names I use come from century-old county death records — who’s going to complain?

  2. Shayral

    Something that has been bugging me for a while now, is: what’s Avery’s true fear? What scares him so senseless that he could forget all about the rail and just lose it?

    It ain’t zombies, because he’s seen plenty of dead men walking, and he seems capable enough of monologuing his way through a horde of familiar, rotting faces.

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