Ask Jeff Anything 10-13-11

Well, here we are again: Answering questions from the teeming masses for your entertainment. I actually enjoy this stuff more than I care to admit. YouTube keeps telling me I should monetize these videos, but I can’t imagine I’d actually make more than a nickel on these things, so it doesn’t seem worth it. But if anyone wants to send me some money to guarantee I don’t start running ads on these, that’d be swell.

This time around, the question is from the infamous Miss Snark, and involves my storage techniques for the eleventy billion manuscripts I’ve written in my lifetime.

Now, doesn’t that make you want to tip me? I accept money, booze, and interesting stones.


  1. Harley

    By that writing/publication ratio I will need to write a lot more before I becoming published. Like a lot more. Thunder Cats were awesome.

  2. patty blount

    You know what sucks about this Ask Jeff video? I mean, really SUCKS donkey ass?

    I am older.

    I not only remember the Commodore 64, I owed its predecessor the Vic-20.

    Pass the Geritol.

  3. Sarah W

    Save some of that Geritol for me, Patty.

    Except for the Commodore (my Dad brought home an Apple) and the having actual fiction actually published, you’ve outlined my writing life, Jeff.

    And I’ll see your Thundercats (I did) and raise you He-man >and the Animalympics.

  4. patty blount

    I LOVED He-man, Sarah!

  5. JSF

    I remember all those things. Moore’s law in action! from C-64 to almost AI’s!

    Now here’s my q for the “Ask Jeff Anything”

    As a politico, I enjoyed the world of Unification (which you built, then destroyed). How did you come up with that world?

    Also, what was your inspirations for Squalor, Marin and Orel? Did you figure out their backstory by the Electric Church or after?

    Final question: What would be in the Unification world? Techie, gunner or someone else?

    It doesn’t have to be one video for all these q’s — take your time, but I’d like to know the answers.

    Thanks again for writing a cool series of books!

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