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Avery Cates

The other day I discovered I had a Blogger account. I’d forgotten all about it. For a while I was using it to contribute to the grand Xerography Debt Blog (where I still have posting privs if I could remember my log in and had some time) but I originally created it as part of an ambitious bit of DIY promotion for The Electric Church. This was back in the ancient days right after I’d sold the book, but before anything had actually happened. I spent a lot of time on a lot of things that eventually crystallized into the ARG on the Electric Church website.

One of my genius ideas was going to be the creation of dozens of blogs that would tell the stories of people living in the TEC universe. Not necessarily characters from the books, but just random stories. They would refer to each other in oblique ways and one by one “discover” and start discussing the official TEC web site, which was set up to be the actual website for an organization known as The Electric Church. Here’s thew two I actually set up:

Not much. Shortly afterwards the publisher offered to help me with site design and promotion, and suddenly my little DIY attempts didn’t seem to make any sense. So this was as far as I got with my little one-man sockpuppet promo army. It’s kind of fascinating that these are still out there, almost seven years gone now. Reminds me of the endless unfinished novels on my hard drive.

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  1. JoJoTheModern

    Dude. Those blogs are really cool. It would have been an awesome project, though it probably would have eaten many many hours of your writing time.

    It was a good move to not open each blog on the same site. Me, I likely would have given each character a blog on one network because I would have been too lazy to even contemplate wandering the whole web. “EVERYONE on Blogspot! Let’s just pretend Blogspot is the only blogsite in the future, bear with me!”

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