Patrick over at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist has listed his ‘provisional’ Best of 2008 (provisional since the year is only half over, natch), and The Digital Plague is hanging on as an also-ran, currently ranked #10. Which means chances are Pat will read something in the next 5+ months that will knock me off the list, so I might as well crow about being there at all now, while I have the chance, eh?

Of course, maybe he’ll re-read TDP at some point and move me up. Anything’s possible. I wonder if I mailed him an envelope of ten-dollar bills, if that would have any effect? Only one way to find out. Of course, first I have to accrue some ten-dollar bills. I guess it’s back to busking for me — I only know 2 songs, both more or less theoretically, so this might take a while.


  1. Craig

    Well… if it’s any consolation I’m not through reading TDP yet and you’re already in the running for my best of the year list. As long as you don’t mess up between now and the last page that is. ; )

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Oh, crap – you’re about to hit the point in the story where all the characters start singing “Wise Up” by Aimee Mann and then frogs start raining from the sky. I apologize in advance.


  3. Craig

    No worries, I passed that point yesterday!

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