All this negative energy Part II

Here’s another review—at some point I’ll have to stop posting reviews simply because there will be too many of them, but for the beginning I think it’s a good thing to show everyone what’s being said.

This isn’t a bad review, but a complex review—there’s stuff he didn’t like in TEC and stuff he did like, which is, I think, a rational response:

“Despite having serious flaws, The Electric Church is far from being a bad book.  Yes it is a piece of fun and escapist reading but it also has a number of quite interesting ideas that it brings to the party and which make it difficult to tar the book with the “populist thriller” brush.  Somers also does well with what plot he has; there’s never a dull moment in The Electric Church and Somers never puts a foot wrong when it comes to pacing.  It is also genuinely difficult to not warm to the book’s gleefully cynical and vulgar tone which, combined with the well executed and paced plot, make The Electric Church a swift and surprisingly rewarding read.”

Read the whole essay here! But be careful because here there be spoilers for the book, so don’t click unless you’ve read it, have no intention of reading it, or don’t care about spoilers. Then go buy six copies of TEC so I can drink my worries away.


  1. waitress#2

    lol, You might want to warn people that there are spoilers in that review;) I’m only on Chapter 1, and some people haven’t received theirs yet.

    Maybe you shouldn’t link to anymore reviews until a month after the book is officially released if they’re going to be spoilery).

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Sorry about that! I’ll edit the post. I just wasn’t thinking.


  3. Heather Elise Hamilton

    Hey, add a ‘seventh’ copy to your list of books sold. I thought The Electric Church was awesome and I can’t wait to read more!!

  4. jsomers (Post author)


    Holy crap–at this rate we’ll be in the double digits in no time! THANKS!


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