Ah, Sweet Booze

I keep a PO Box for my zine correspondence, and yesterday I found an airplane-sized bottle of vodka in it, sent by an angelic benefactor:

I suggested a few years ago in my zine that if people wanted to buy me a drink but couldn’t travel to New Jersey/New York, you could mail me a tiny bottle of booze, and more people than I would have originally imagined have taken me up on the offer. Thank god!


  1. Damaso

    Man if someone had told me in my youth you could write for booze I would totally have made a different career choice…

  2. Lunch


    Man I bet in the future when I can legally drink I’ll be thinking the same thing.

  3. jsomers


    In a way, you can write for booze. Step 1: Get paid to write something (easier than it sounds, look at me!) Step 2: Buy booze. I AM A GENIUS!


  4. Diamat

    Bah. Now I’ll have to have a drink. Still, it is… [adjusts clock] …nearly 10am!

  5. Diamat

    I should have added: when in the USA, I fly with Delta because they sell Woodford Reserve.

    British Airways is a decent international carrier on the basis that a) their booze is free, and b) they give Glenlivet (if you ask nicely) to cattle class, otherwise as much Johnnie Walker Black as you can manage whilst still being able to order refills coherently. I think they deliberately chose the blend with the longest name. Imagine if it was ‘Bells’. There’d be chaos at 38K feet.

    Everyone else chooses their carrier on the basis of its in-flight bar stock relative to those of its competitors… right?

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