Vote for ME (Again! And Again! AND AGAIN!)

VOTE FOR MOJOApparently the 5th Annual Book Tournament over at BSC Review is endless. I won my bracket in round 2, and now we’re on to Round 3. GO VOTE FOR ME, PLEASE! Pretty please? C’mon. I have so little. I need this.


  1. Shayral

    Eventually you’re going to run out of luck, you know.

    That’s when we’ll change our strategies to secret stabbing fests.

  2. Patty Blount

    Jeez… Maybe YOU should be making ME cookies. Just sayin’….

    Voted and tweeted.

  3. jsomers (Post author)

    Hi Patty: You DO NOT WANT anything I might bake. I have killed with my baked goods, been forced to burn down whole town, change my name, and start over. Several times. Because of baked goods incidents. Count yourself lucky.

    Thanks, and thanks!


  4. Sarah W

    I’ll vote for you if you don’t bake me cupcakes.

  5. jsomers (Post author)

    Sarah W: DONE.

  6. Patty Blount

    Chocolate works. Safely bought from a store.

  7. Ray

    You competition has no chance….
    Do I get a “I Voted” sticker?

  8. BlueMan

    Have you started on your acceptance speech?

  9. jsomers (Post author)

    Must not make lame Charlie Sheen Winning joke … must not make lame Charlie Sheen Winning joke …

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