This is what you’re missing on Twitter

A recent conversation between me and Bill Cameron:

jeffreysomers: – there’s also a review of The Eternal Prison for those of you who remain unconvinced.

bcmystery: @jeffreysomers Wait. Are you saying I didn’t have to read the actual book? I could have just read a review somewhere?

jeffreysomers: @bcmystery No, because the book had all those hidden messages and dollar bills hidden inside the binding.

bcmystery: @jeffreysomers That’s a good point. I forgot about the dollar bills, probably because of all the alcohol I bought with them.

bcmystery: @jeffreysomers Probably didn’t help that I bought whatever solvent they were selling as booze in that one bar in future Venice.

jeffreysomers: @bcmystery My work here is done.

bcmystery: @jeffreysomers Why lookie there! I missed one!

jeffreysomers: @bcmystery There should have been $50 in singles in every copy. No one can explain how we make money that way, but apparently we do.

jeffreysomers: @bcmystery And on a related note. . .can I borrow a dollar? They made me use my own money for that.


  1. Paul Snyder

    Jeff, just thought I would let you know The Electric Church was great. Love the charecter Avery Cates, but you should know that inside the cover it says The Digital Plague isn’t due out until 12-09. hope it’s a typo because I bought The Eternal Prison but won’t read it until I read The Digital Plague, hope it’s in my book store or I’ll have to send a Monk your way for a copy. Nice talking to you.

  2. jsomers

    Hey Paul,

    Thanks! The Digital PLague isn’t out in mass market until 12-09, that’s true. The trade paperback’s been out since last year, though, so you might find one of those.

    I don’t fear Monks. I have the shutdown codes.


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