The! Terminal! State!

The Terminal StateOKey-dokey, couple of announcements:

1. The oh-ficial site for Avery Cates #4, The Terminal State (on sale 7/27/10) is live! Check it out. Let me know what you think.

2. This means we’ve picked our winners for the Voice-Acting Contest. I got a lot of entries, and many were really, really well done. hearing your own words so passionately read back to you is pretty amazing, and I thank everyone who took the time to submit a recording to me. I hope you had fun making the files, because I had a great time listening to them! Sadly, I only needed four winners, and I have them:

Patty Blount is the voice of Mara

Tyrel Devlin is the voice of Wa Belling

Ben Linford is the voice of The Poet

Jeffrey Lamar is the voice of Canny Orel

Where can you hear these lovely voices? On the videos embedded in the new site, of course. You might have to look for them …

Pass the word, and all feedback on the site welcomed.


  1. BlueMan

    I like the new site – lots of interesting stuff to look at and hear – was this the secret video project you were working on?

    Big congrats to the voice winners – well done all!

    Looking forward to TTS, will be picking up my copy on the 27th!

  2. Zach

    Yet another endeavor ending in failure….

    But it was fun!

  3. jsomers (Post author)

    Blueman: Nope, the sekrit video project continues under the radar. But I suspect it’ll become common knowledge in a few weeks, and you will be underwhelmed!

  4. jsomers (Post author)

    Zach, Sorry man. But be comforted that I have voice recordings of everyone that I will now use whenever I want, for whatever purpose I want! MUHAHAHAHAH!

  5. Zach

    No need to apologize, you are still the #1 A+++ Gold star writter in my book!

    I am strangly comforted to know I may one day stumble across that strange little voice clip I submitted being utilized in some insane mannor.

  6. Just Ami

    Congrats to the winners! Lots of fun watching/listening to those videos. 😮

  7. Asterion

    Sir, there will be a large-format paperback released as well, right? As in, a trade paperback similar to the previous books. Cause a small version only would make me sad. Wrong size and all.

  8. jsomers (Post author)

    Asterion, sadly, no. Only the mass market version, with the cover I’ve plastered over the universe. The publisher is concentrating on MMs in general, I think. Sorry! The story inside is still gonna rock, IMHO.

  9. Asterion

    Aww, that makes me sad. I will have to settle for a mis-matched set. Cheaper! Silver linings everywhere.

    Also, I was never worried about what was inside of the cover. Just the height.

  10. jason

    i too think there should be a release of a original style cover. since when do successfull writers ever listen to there publishers?

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