The Inner Swine Summer 2013

1912_coverSo, I still put out a little zine called The Inner Swine, although instead of printing out 1200 copies, stapling and folding them, and then spending a million dollars on postage in the hopes of getting two wrinkled dollar bills back in the mail five years later (the standard zine business model) it’s now only available as a Kindle or Nook book, with free PDFs one issue behind available on the web site.

The Summer 2013 issue is live on Amazon and B&N, yay! It’s about 30,000 words of rambling, cussing, and ridiculousness. It’s likely riddled with typos and the formatting is probably botched because I am lazy. It’s a dollar, people. Have at it!



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  1. J. G. Goudy

    Sommers, so back in about 2005 I sent you $50.00 which was good for like ten year subscription. I promptly left the country. The post office stopped forwarding the Inner Swine and I sort of dropped off the face of the earth, chasing an idiot savant German woman who was ‘totally’ clear in 6 languages. I chased her for 4 years. She was also a psychologist. Sheesh. Mind blowing trip of a lifetime. Too bad I am not there but she was stifling. BUT this comment is not about that. I found you again. and for me. I hate Kindle Too. I mean I have software, great software and could make it, and ebooks but I prefer PDF for everything. SHORT OF THE LONG OF IT. I read issue TIS181-2.pdf. Your rip on Sorkin was exhilarating! I never bothered with the show about the whitehouse although I saw a few. Too much BS and drama about nothing. Like I was supposed to get ‘drawn’ into the drama of being a VINCE FOSTER for Hilary or something. Click BANG. BS. Your article on THE FLOOD was scary, mainly cause I have another woman now and she is living in our apartment in a little town in the Philippines. And it floods there. NO FOOL has a single story house. We own a couple of lots and GOD FORBID might have to build a home there, in the fucking JUNGLE MAN, right down the ‘lane’ from her brother and sister in law. And me the only (excuse me bro) PINK face in 500 square miles. And few who speak any English except, “Hey BASTA JOE,” or “Whatever you say JOE!” And the pollution is actually worse than NYC or JERSEY. SHIT. They pile the plastic bags up there and then once a week some secret crew of FIRE BUGS lights all of the trash on fire and people are dying from Leukemia and shit from that pollution alone. This goes on Everywhere. And the Diesel pollution. BUT… I dread being 70 or 75 and waking up to the Downstairs being flooded and a fucking water buffalo in my Living Room. Who knows. IT might happen. Building the house and such. BUT THAT IS NOT WHY I WROTE YOU. TWO REASONS.

    1. Was the article about Sylvia and ALICE? TRUE? or FICTION? Truth or Fiction, or Partly Truth and Partly fiction. I was at 4 or 5 wakes the first month I was in the Philippines and all young people under 55. Wakes are strange. Nobody talks about the beloved, like… “Argh, your Uncle Charlie, or Aunt Netta, I knew em well… why I can remember as kids we used to…. etc. etc.” NO. 4 all nighters in the back of the Catholic Church with family sitting their waiting for neighbors to come by for coffee and crappy saltine peanut butter cookies and GIVE money. Enough money to bury the poor stiffs. God bless em. The other thing my boy is to tell you that the who issue was interesting and great. I hope to F’ng God you are doing better financially than what you suggest. The Duchess must be an Angel. I found one two, but she is half way round the world (the 2nd time round… ~ in the other direction this time. BUT LISTEN UP BUCKO… I want you to start taking better care of yourself if you are really drinking all the f’ng hard liquer and still hitting the smokes. Some of these stinking books or yours may go viral and a movie to be made and I want you to be health enough MOFO to enough the day when that happens. SERIOUSLY Douch Bag! Don’t posion yourself. Now that I found your website I shall read all back issues to 2006 and then follow the parade. Good luck Buddy. U are a survivor and tenacious and persistent with cranking out the words. I ran onto ASHABOT on Face Book. I don’t know about RED DOG PRESS but she must have come into money cause she is posting pictures from Thailand right now and somewhere else in the EAST about a month ago. A far cry from the Deserts of Northern Nevada. ME? I am in the Mojave Desert brother. It is like the old west up here and I am the LAW in my own neighborhood. U would be amazed. But I stay the hell out of the bars around here. Without packing, well… I have run into some pretty rough shit. STAY TUNED to life Bud. And live long and finally, finally PROSPER. U are doing better than 3 other so called ‘writers’ your age or mine from NYC. Stay the course. And keep cranking out those amazing little ditties. Seriously, was the deal about Sylvia and Lawrence and Alice FICTION. You marked it THE END, so it was FICTION right? Other articles in the issue were great too but it is late on Sunday night and even though I don’t work either MOFO, I have shit to do tomorrow. Goats to feed. People to see and places to go as the old saying goes. CARRY ON!

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