The Greatest Book Trailer Ever Made

When working on a book trailer for The Final Evolution, I had a lot of great ideas that were cruelly shunned by my Corporate Masters. As a result the official trailer is quite somber and serious. Fantastic, of course, but somber. And serious.

I saw no reason to trash all of my insanely great ideas for another trailer go to waste. So, featuring booze, pantslessness, and profanity, here is

B  A  M  !


  1. Sarah W

    If I hadn’t already pre-ordered, this would do it.

    I like the official video, but this one . . . resonates.

  2. Patty Blount


  3. Nemesis0


  4. BlueMan

    To borrow a phrase from Green Day, this is Awesome as F**k!

  5. Adrian

    Sarah was right. I’m pre-ordering this at B&B tomorrow, largely because of the intimidation factor…sharks are terrifying.

  6. JanetReid

    Excellent plan Adrian.

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