The Final Evolution in Wired


“I do want to say Thank You, Mr. Somers. I’ve read so many series where the conclusion was predictable even before the final book was out. And I’ve read a handful of series that just out-and-out disappointed, and I felt the authors themselves didn’t know how to wrap things up. Thankfully you delivered and didn’t disappoint. And now it’s over.”

I repeat: HOT. DAMN.


  1. Patty Blount

    Great review. I, of course, agree completely.

  2. Terry Bennett

    Great review. Congratulations on hitting Wired. The Avery Cates series are all great books and I’ve enjoyed every one. I will definitely miss Avery Cates but am looking forward to what gems will follow.

  3. DIana

    Congratulations on the great review! I hadn’t tuned in yet to the fact that the final book of a series like this is so FINAL and how that must feel for you and all Avery Cates fans. So here’s to you, Jeff!

  4. jsomers (Post author)

    PAtty: Thanks!

  5. jsomers (Post author)

    Terry: Thanks!

  6. jsomers (Post author)

    Diana! Thanks so much. It was exciting to wake up to that yesterday.

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