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Just a quick note to point anyone who’s interested towards a review of The Electric Church I found while ego-surfing this morning:

Review by Charlene Brusso at www.sfsite.com: “Somers writes with assurance and style. This is fun, cyberpunky noir SF with just the right mix of fatalism and attitude, seasoned with plenty of bullets and black comedy



  1. jason

    I like this review


    Whether he is writing novels, short stories, or the notes in fortune cookies, Jeff Somers is right on the money. If you pick this one up, you better take the next day off because you’ll be reading it through the night. Jeff Somers takes target practice to a new level with this bullseye.

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Holy shit, that’s a great review. I think I’m going to have T-shirts made up that quote you and give them to my entourage to wear. Though it’s a lengthy quote so I may have to break it up over five or six shirts and have my entourage stand together at all times.

    No, seriously–thank you for the fantastic quote!


  3. jason

    I’ll contact Nike. Maybe we could get the swoosh, kicking a bottle of Knob Creek. For the T-shirt of course.

    Have you been to Knob Creek?

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