Review of The Terminal State

The fine folks over at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist have reviewed The Terminal State, and loved it:

“Avery Cates is a despicable, manipulative, immoral, lousy, sick fuck. But I love him! For all his faults and shortcomings, it’s well nigh impossible not to root for him … I’ve said in the past that these books are addictive, and The Terminal State has done nothing to change that. Roll on The Final Evolution!”

Huzzah! Go buy twelve.


  1. Meredith

    “Despicable, manipulative, immoral, lousy, sick fuck.” Words to date by. I’m drafting my personal ad.

  2. Shayral

    Finally ordered mine! New rent money comes in, I buy books with it.

    Eh. Enough paper and I can build a house out of ’em :P.

    Can’t wait for it to come in, so excited! Literally going to drop the book I’m reading now to start on The Terminal State.

  3. Adrian

    Long time fan, first time commenter.
    My real name is Adrian, despite the fact that I am neither a boy, nor sporting illustrative tattoos. But in honor of The Terminal State, I am so willing to work on that second one.

  4. jsomers (Post author)

    Adrian: How about a tatt of you reading the book? META. I like it. Also, I knew a girl Adrian when I was a kid. Just a random fact.

  5. Patty Blount

    damn it, I swore I wouldn’t get another tattoo. But now I’m thinking of putting Avery Cates on ….

    Never mind.

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