Open Accessed

Hey kids, lookit this:

It’s my book The Digital Plague online. Free to read. Ain’t that cool?

It’s a pretty nifty little interface, too, I think. Why they chose book #2 while there’s only an excerpt of The Electric Church, I’m not sure, but maybe that’s something that will be worked out in days to come. In the mean time, if you know of anyone who might like my work but hasn’t bothered to buy a copy, feel free to send them this link and they can dig into it for free.


  1. Smedley

    I’ll make sure to let my friends know, as my copy of the electric church is just about to fall apart. I’ve been hesitant to lend out digital plague.
    People should read them in sequence. You get a better feel for the development of our tahweebble Avery Cates.

    Anyhow still waiting for aug when that 3rd book of yours comes out. In the meantime i am finishing up Deadstock by Jeffery Thomas.

  2. Damaso

    Very cool! When TEP comes out make sure they give away the first book in the series for free on the Kindle for a few weeks, it really boosts sales of the other books in the series…

  3. jsomers


    Sure, in a perfect world you’d get #1 to dive into, but nothing is perfect. I think Hachette is planning to open-access all the books, but don’t quote me on that. They may have some supersecret strategy here.


  4. jsomers


    I’m sure they have something like that in mind. Alternatively, I’ll be standing on 46th and 10th avenue in NYC every day at noon reading from The Electric Church. Some on by and please don’t be alarmed by the Howler monkey I’ve trained to pick pockets.


  5. Damaso

    Sounds like a good plan J.

  6. Alex Vrettos

    Damaso & Jeff,

    Plan worked for me – got me off my arse so I could get my wallet out and buy a copy of electric Church!

    I’ll have it on the other side of the weekend – so keep that Howler Monkey away!

  7. jsomers

    Alex V,

    Wo0t! THE SEKRIT PLAN IS WORKING! More liquor monies for jeff.


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