New Video

It’s appropriate that I post this week’s video today, since last night I went out for drinks with the annoyingly talented Sean Ferrell and my uber-Agent. We writers managed to drink Janet under the table, which is no small feat, and while I am a bit, um, slow this morning, it was a fine evening at a great bar (The Old Town Bar on 18th street in Manhattan – one of my faves).

Naturally, a video concerning the uses of booze in writing and how to survive seems appropriate today. I have much lore about booze to share. Why keep it to myself? So, without further ado, here’s the new video:

Enjoy. Please drink responsibly, which involves inviting me along and paying my tab.


  1. Dan Krokos

    I like to think I was there in spirit. Sounded like fuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn.

  2. jsomers


    We talked about you. Vicious lies, ugly rumors, that sort of thing.


  3. Damaso

    “Drink whenever possible” very good advice….

  4. BlueMan

    I don’t earn enough filthy lucre to support my imbibical ambitions, but you writing lot seem to do OK with it… Hmmmm.

  5. jsomers

    Damaso – you said it. that’s what we ought to be indocrinating our school children with.

    How’s Spain treatin’ ya?

  6. jsomers


    Writers are like stray dogs. We sit on the curb and make big moon eyes at everyone and eventually someone comes along and buys us drinks. I can’t explain it better than that. It’s part of the genetic makeup. We can form sentences and drink like sailors.


  7. Damaso

    Spain is good, lots of drinking and walking on the beach. And taking the occasional photo…

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