New Review of TEC

Wow, people seem to dig The Electric Church. It’s a little jarring to have total strangers read your book and actually like it. I mean, when I was twelve and I’d written my first ‘novel’ (ninety typed pages lacking quote marks) and released it, everyone liked it then, too–but that was my immediate family. If you’re twelve and your own mother tells you it stinks, you’ve got bigger worries than having chosen the world’s worst-earning profession.

Anyways, here’s a nice review to convince you to plunk down your allowance on my book.


  1. Dragonsnake

    As U predicted, U R becoming famous. Comparing Avery Gates with Takeshi Kovac is a gross compliment, imo. If I’m not mistaken, after Altered Carbon, Richard Morgan went on a rocket trip to Fame . Wish U the same luck…

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Thank you, my friend!


  3. Adam C

    I think, in fairness, you should post a bad review one day. That would be different. When my copy comes in, I’ll post a review as well, and probably one on myspace to get the word around.

    In fact, maybe you should consider making an Electric Church myspace? I mean, sure, you’d be selling your soul to teenage girls and forty year old men chasing underage skirt, but their money spends just as easily as everyone elses.

  4. jsomers (Post author)


    I’ll post bad reviews, no worries. I don’t think there’s such a thing as bad publicity. Plus there’s fun in linking to a bad review, for some reason I can’t quite describe.

    Myspace: I do have a MySpace page, but I never use it, or check it, or respond to friend requests etc. A few months ago I gave in and created it because everyone tells you to do so. But MySpace, frankly, blows. It’s like a meth addict designed that thing.


  5. Dragonsnake

    BTW, U pronunciation is awful. I can’t pick a letter and Ur friend is not answering me.

  6. Adam C

    I was inspired to check my Myspace today (to search for yours, actually), and realized it had been so long that I forgot my password. So I retrieved it, logged on, and then after denying (literally) 56 “friend requests” from hot girls who turned out to be porn ads, I cried because I only had 56 new friend requests.

    Therefore, I have chosen to hate Tom from as well, or rather, even more than before.

  7. Dragonsnake

    Brother Ajax asked me did I know Ty…!!!! And did I want to join…. My, my , conversation starts here….

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