My Incompetence

May I direct your attention to the new Mailing List page.

You see, back when I first set up the web page for The Electric Church, I set up a little form where people could submit their email and be put on a list to get updates whenever I had news about the book. A bunch of folks signed up, but then when the publisher upgraded the web site to the kickass Flash experience it is now, I plumb forgot about my little signup. And have spent the last few months wondering why no one signs up for it any more. Thus, my incompetence.

Well, if you’re one of the tortured few who desire updates from me, surf on over, fill out the little form, and I’ll add you to the list. The updates are random and often meandering, I warn you.


  1. Alex

    Yeah, that’s an awesome website. When I saw it I was all “I’m definately getting this book”. So that’s a few hundred dollars well spent. (Assuming you paid the web designer, and you didn’t..well, I don’t know what else you would do.) This is off-topic, but I was thinking all the way through The Electric Church that it would make an awesome movie. I suppose the book will need to gain its much deserved popularity before something of that nature can be even a remote possiblity… Also, how is it that your book just shows up places, such as random bookstores and the Kindle? Does the publisher just whore your book out to everyone and everything, and you just sort of go with it?

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Hey Alex,

    Thanks! The web site is actually a nice re-do of the site I originally had up there. I don’t have any Flash skilz as such, so mine was more low-tech and wasn’t as ambitious with the puzzles and such. Glad to hear it was money well spent!

    As for movies: Lord, let’s hope so. Daddy needs liquor monies.

    And finally: I have no idea. I’m sometimes amazed at where the book turns up. I can only imagine the Publisher Elves are out on a constant basis, threatening to burn down stores unless they stock me. At least I hope that’s what’s happening – isn’t that why we sell rights to publishers?

  3. janet reid

    I spend my daytime hours plying film scouts with liquor to urge them to read the book. So far, I’m responsible for a shortage of whisky in midtown, hatching three plots to rule the world, and two failed presidential bids, but no film deals. My quest continues.

  4. jsomers (Post author)


    Damn your eyes! I’m working a day job here like a sucker! SELL THEM RIGHTS! I don’t care if it stars Gil Gerard vacuumed back into his Buck Rogers costume from 1979.


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