Monday is Guitar Day

Epiphone Les Paul CustomSo, we survived a hurricane. Some leaky roofs, water in the crawlspace we’ll be pumping out (apparently) for a week, and a lot of effort and sleep loss, but overall, nothing we couldn’t handle. Now, trying to get through to the roofer might be an adventure.

The best way to celebrate life’s little triumphs is to post your mediocre guitar playing, amiright? I said, AMIRIGHT?



The usual disclaimer: 1. I admit these are not great music; 2. I claim copyright anyway, so there; 3. No, I cannot do anything about the general quality of the mix, as I am incompetent.


  1. Ammsii

    oh shit! this is you? now i can have music playing while I read your books? all i need now is a t-shirt and a bug and I can be Jeff Somers Uber Fanboy Extravaganza!!!!!

  2. Ammsii

    i meant mug… not bug hehe

  3. jsomers (Post author)

    Yep, that’s me! And some borrowed beats, as me haz no drums. I’m not sure I recommend listening to these MP3s while reading, though.

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