Let’s Do a Free Book Trailer

Trailer for the Book “Jeff Drinks His Life Away”

Well, it’s 2013. How this happened is a mystery. After all, despite the fact that god reached down from the skies and gave me and everyone else on my block the Middle Finger of God (a.k.a Hurricane Sandy), the world did not actually end in 2012 as scheduled, leaving me in a pickle, because I sold everything I owned and told a lot of people to go fuck themselves, because I figured I’d be swept away by a tidal wave of hellfire in December. This did not happen. And I’ve been on the run with John McAfee ever since. May I say this sucks, because John McAfee snorts bath salts and waves his gun around all the time. I don’t think he never sleeps, and he keeps eating my peanut butter, no matter how much I complain.

Dear lord, I apparently need to right my karma, friends. Rarely do I think anything like that, and I guess I could do something like donate a kidney or volunteer at a homeless shelter. Instead, I’m going to give away a book trailer. Not because I am a good person (it is to laugh) but because I really enjoy making book trailers.

Kids, if you didn’t know that I make book trailers, I do. I usually do it for cold, hard American cash – you can see a few examples here. Now, not to brag but some of these trailers have gotten some notice, and one has over 12,000 views as I write this (which is ONE BILLION FEWER VIEWS than Gangnam Style, so fuck me, but anyway).

Go and send me the answer via email to mreditor@innerswine.com – the first person with the correct answer wins!


  1. DeadlyAccurate

    Am I blind? I don’t see a question to answer anywhere in this post, and I’ve read it twice to be sure.


  2. jsomers (Post author)

    You’re not blind. The question may not be obvious.

  3. Patty Blount

    Holy crap, Pointe of No Return got over 12,000 views? That’s really impressive. Mine got about 600 and I was giddy. I think you need to answer the question — how to get 12,000 views with a book trailer 🙂

  4. DeadlyAccurate

    I’ve been playing a lot of The Secret World lately, so I confess, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out if there’s a secret code hidden somewhere on this page.

    Do me a solid, if you’d be so kind. When you post the winner, post the question, too, just to assuage my curiosity.

  5. jsomers (Post author)

    Will do!

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