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I think I am a fascinating guy. Like, really fascinating. Certainly everything I say sounds fascinating to me, and if my wife The Duchess says otherwise (all the time) then surely she is simply trying to keep me in line? Normally The Duchess uses physical violence and intimidation to keep me in line, but lying about my level of fascinatingness can’t be one of her tools, can it?

Don’t answer that.

Anyway, seeing as I’m so fascinating, I’m always surprised that more folks don’t interview me. Jebus, get me in a bar on a Friday night and just let the tape recorder go. By morning you’ll have gold, Jerry, gold!

Pete Dulin from the fantastic Present Magazine recently interviewed me, and the piece is up now along with an excerpt from and review of The Eternal Prison. Surf on over and give Present some love:

“Somers:  Strangely enough, the first version of The Electric Church involved a band of stray kittens struggling to survive in the backwoods of Texas Hill Country, scavenging for food and hiding from demonic, rabid squirrels.”

Also, Limerick posted a review of the Italian version of The Electric Church to his own blog, and you can read it here. My Italian is a bit soft, but I’m pretty sure it’s a positive review. If not, forget I said anything.


  1. Pete Dulin

    Here’s the direct link to the article which will be helpful for the millions of people searching Our front page updates regularly so look here for the fascinating Jeff Somers:

  2. jsomers

    Thanks, Pete – I thought you’d like the general traffic. But I added a direct link as well.


  3. JSF


    Great interview! Expect a couple of scotch bottles from the Southland for keeping me happy with your series.

    Should you find yourself in LA, I’ll get you your drinks at a couple of Goth Clubs I frequent.

    Now where do I ship them to…..?

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