Inner Swine Redux


As some of you are aware, I publish a little zine called The Inner Swine. Have published it, in fact, since 1995, just about 50 issues worth. I write about just about everything in that zine, and mail it out to the world four times a year. Hell, some misguided folks actually pay me for a subscription! I know – crazy.

Anyway, all of the past issues of the zine are on the web site, but I’m going to start re-posting old essays from it here on a regular basis. They’ll be more or less randomly selected, with a concentration on writing and publishing-oriented ponderings. I’d be very interested to know what y’all think about them.


  1. Paul Riddell

    Oh, twist our arms.

  2. jsomers (Post author)


    I have a rate sheet for those sorts of activities.


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