Das Katze-Haus

I’ve made a mini-resolution to update this blog more often. I was doing better for a while, and then fell back into my old lazy ways, but I know the world is a better place if y’all are informed about my various and sundry doings.

Part of the time suck is the dovetailing of the writing of Cates #4 (The Terminal State)  and the publication of The Eternal Prison (watch that space; things will be happening there soon), which means I’m writing chapters while trying to think of ways to convince an uncaring world that I am cool enough to pay attention to – which is difficult when you’re sort of genetically not cool, you know? The worst part of promotion is the sense that you’re dancing around with a sandwich board and a cowbell and no one is paying any attention.  I mean, can’t y’all just buy my books without being convinced? Jeesh. Work with me here.

On top of that, I have four cats. Four. They march into my office all day, smelling of varying levels of food and litterbox, sit on my keyboard, wrestle with each other while making loud screaming noises, and generally distract me to no end. You think the Internet is distracting? Try four cats.

I might comment on the cats more. Folks seem to like that. I could be the Junior Scalzi of the Cat People demographic!

And on top of that, I am finally getting the latest issue of my zine, The Inner Swine out the door. It’s the June issue, which gives you an idea of the delay. The zine is always a delaying factor in my work life, as it’s ~20,000 words four times a year (or, soon, ~40,000 words twice a year) which means I’m more or less writing a book-length project every year in addition to everything else. I do it for love, but, as with the cats, even things you love you sometimes want desperately to kick halfway across the room*.

On a less whiny closing note, I’ve just discovered that there will be a German translation of The Electric Church and, presumably, the subsequent Cates books. Cheers! The translator contacted me with some questions about the German characters in the book and other language points – which I always welcome – and was kind enough to assure me that the German dialogue I included in the book was perfectly understandable, if not perfect.

I enjoy chatting with translators. It’s fascinating to hear what they find challenging, and the decisions they make to translate your jokes/references/allusions into another culture, not just another language.

That’s it for this meandering post. Have a great weekend all, and pre-order The Eternal Prison, please. Papa needs liquor monies.

*No cats were actually kicked. Who do you think I am?


  1. Craig

    Keeping a regular blog presence is important. So is keeping your pants on during interviews.

  2. Livia Llewellyn

    You need to tape bacon to all four of those cats and take photos. THAT might get you noticed by the Junior Scalzi/Cat Lovers demographic. It might also get you clawed to death, which would amusing if we got to see photos of that, too.

  3. jsomers


    I can promise one of those.


  4. jsomers


    Hmmmn. . .clawed to death you say. On video. It’s genius! But also a trick I can only perform once, so i better make it count.


  5. Dan Krokos

    Sorry to hear about your mayor. Now it’s up to you to be the shining light for Hoboken!

  6. BlueMan

    *Cheers for Cates #4*

  7. jsomers


    Hmmmn. . .Jeff as the shining light for Hoboken? Would this involve any work, or can I just wander the streets in a sheet and people will ask for my blessing and give me free booze as offerings? ‘Cause I could get into that.


  8. jsomers


    “The Terminal State”: 2010.

  9. Damaso

    The t shirt ROCKS btw…

  10. Dan Krokos

    Wandering around in a sheet would be fine. But don’t you already do that now?

    P.S. When you say 2010, do you mean spring summer or fall? And when are we going to hear about that super-secret non Sci-Fi novel you mentioned a few months back?

  11. jsomers


    Thanks! Wear it 45 days straight.


  12. jsomers


    It’s not a sheet when you drape it properly. Then it is a toga, and you are imperial. I mean, we are imperial.

    2010: Summer, methinks.

    Super-Secret Novel: If and when I decide it’s suitable for public consumption. As of now it is still ripening in the dark somewhere.


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