Well, new best friend Ja’Michael Bush attempted to create a Wikipedia page for Your Humble Author here, which lasted about three seconds before the Powers That Be Wikipedia took it down. I never even got to see the actual page. <sniffles, looks away manfully as he masters his emotions> This is getting embarrassing, really. I’ve got what, the 356th best-selling science-fiction noir paperback books in the English-speaking world, and I don’t rank a Wiki? Jeff is the sad clown today.

We might have to splinter off and start Somerspedia. Who’s with me? Hello?


  1. Frank Marcopolos

    Say it ain’t so, man! Say it ain’t so!

  2. jsomers

    Sadly, Frank. . .I am the sad clown.

  3. Dan Krokos

    I tried making a Jeff Somers page a few months ago. I was putting in information and hit the update button or whatever it’s called.

    But I didn’t, because they deleted the page before I could add anything.

    So my question is: how does anyone get a Wikipedia page if they take them down within two minutes?

  4. jsomers

    Word. I think someone at Wikipedia hates me. When I rule the world, I will crush them!

  5. Lunch

    “Who’s with me? Hello?”


  6. Craig

    I AM…
    uh… where is everyone?

  7. No name

    This is bigger than Wiki;

    Follow the white rabbit Jeff: ‘scenario 12-D’

  8. jsomers

    No name: I would love to be embroiled in a worldwide conspiracy. I keep trying to go through the looking glass, but I keep bumping my head.

  9. Paul Riddell

    What gets me is that you can’t get a Wikipedia page, but I see some incredible nontalents who get full listings, and it’s impossible to edit them further. I mean, what good is a Wikipedia page on Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Observer if you can’t note that he’s referred to as “The James Lipton of fandom” in his home town?

  10. jsomers


    I am starting to wonder if someone at WP just silently hates me. Oh well; if I *did* have a WP page I’d just encourage folks to vandalize it, giving out prizes for the most creative falsehood and for the longest-lasting subtlety. I can’t wait!


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